Project cost estimating

Project Estimates

We produce an independent, non-biased estimate to act as the primary estimate or as a comparison to estimates developed by owner-operators, joint venture partners or 3rd parties. 

Our work processes and custom tools provide a quality estimate in a fraction of the traditional time. Allowing more time to study options and optimize for cost reductions.

Supplemental Support

Supporting staff personnel during:

  • Peak workload times 
  • Staffing limitation
  • Overflow projects

We can assist with data entry, individual unit of operations or complete estimate development.

Implementation / Training

For companies that want to improve their estimating process by using the AspenONE suite of products, we provide assistance and advise with the implementation, and Individual mentoring or group training from basic operations to advanced techniques of Aspen Capital Cost Estimator (ACCE) or other Aspen Economic Evaluation programs.   


Estimate Assurance

An independent evaluation to access the accuracy and validity of an estimate.

  • Methodology
  • Technical definition of scope
  • Material costs
  • Labor and productivity
  • Indirect costs
  • Schedule / Performance
  • Contingency & Risk

Cold Eyes

An outside reviewer to identify omissions or overstatements.  The cold eyes review is an informal process between the cost estimators, typically occurring prior to any management review.  

Contingency / Risk

Project contingency and risk analysis based on the maturity of the project definition.

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Comparison of costs to historic factors and projects.  Useful in establishing project risk.